Millbrook Resort Sawpit Gully Trail

Sawpit Gully Trail


Course overview

The Millbrook Resort ‘Sawpit Gully Trail’ starts and finishes at the stunning Millbrook Resort and heads toward Arrowtown and into the trails of Sawpit Gully.

This course offers some of the best scenery in the business, climbing above the Arrow River with views overlooking Lake Hayes and The Remarkables.

The trail includes beech forest and tussock covered slopes and offers two options of course length – 8.5km and 16.5km.

This course does have some steep and technical sections so please take this into consideration.

Date| 26th March 2022

Location| Millbrook Resort

Distances| 8.5km & 16.5km

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • What are your Terms and Conditions for entry?


    Latest update: 3 November, 2021

    In choosing to enter this event, I agree to the following terms and conditions: I also agree that only entries received with prior approval from the event office will be accepted. Any entries received that have not been approved from the event office will be deemed invalid.

    1. I acknowledge that there are risks involved in this event and accidents can happen which may result in injury. I verify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for this event. I agree to participate at my own risk.

    2. I acknowledge that the event organiser reserves the right to accept or decline entries and issue any special invitations in its sole and absolute discretion. However, entry numbers are limited, and any entries received after the limits have been reached will not be accepted.

    3. I Agree that in the event of an event cancellation due to conditions beyond the control of the organisers including but not limited to a storm, rain, inclement seasonal weather, winds, “Acts of God”, “Acts of Terrorism”, infectious disease pandemic (for example, COVID 19) , or other conditions, my entry fee shall be non- refundable.

    4. I acknowledge that it may become necessary or desirable to change the format of the event due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers. In the event of a change to the format of the event (including, but not limited to, a virtual event or a postponed event) I agree to the changes and that all of the terms and conditions set out herein shall apply to the changed event.

    5. I agree to comply with all the Event rules, regulations, and instructions in respect of this event and as notified to me in the entry information or otherwise by the event organisers and officials.

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    9. I (for myself and, where applicable, on behalf of my legal guardian, successors, executors and trustees) release and hold harmless the event owners, organisers, directors, officials, sponsors, promoters, suppliers, local authorities, volunteers and all other persons associated with the event (“the organisers”) from any and all liability, claims, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or relating to any loss, damage, or injury that may be sustained by me in connection with my entry and/or participation in this event. I (for myself and, where applicable, on behalf of my legal guardian, successors, executors, and trustees) fully indemnify the organisers against any such liability, claims, action or causes of action. I understand that this waiver and indemnity extends to any and all liability, whether arising through the negligence, action, or inaction of any of the organisers, or otherwise.

    10. The organisers may make use of SMS text messages to inform competitors of any event updates or provide information pertinent to competitors. Any messages received shall be free for the recipient. I hereby agree to receive text messages from the event organisers pertaining to this event.

    11. I acknowledge that to enter this event as an individual the following minimum age restrictions apply:
    • Participants aged under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the event and the accompanying adult takes full responsibility for the safety of the entrant 14 years or under. Participants over the age of 14 can complete the event without an adult accompanying them.

    12. I acknowledge that MINORS (being persons under the age of 18 years on event day or at time of entry): Where any entrant is a minor, that entrant’s entry form must be completed by a guardian who must also accept these terms and conditions on behalf of the entrant.

    13. By submitting this entry form I hereby certify that I accept these terms and conditions. If I am submitting this entry form on behalf of a minor (see clause 13) I certify that I accept these terms and conditions on behalf of the entrant.

    14. Covid-19: Our commitment is to ensure the safety of all participants. We ask that anyone feeling unwell stays home. For those onsite, QR barcodes to scan will be present as well as sanitation stations as best practice hygiene by all staff. We will follow mandatory Government guidelines with respect to physical distancing, mask wearing and any other regulations that the Government makes mandatory . Should the Ministry of Health and/or the District Health Board request participant details for contact tracing purposes we will supply this to them. This will include your name, contact phone number, and contact email. This information will only be supplied to the Ministry of Health should it be requested within 4 weeks of the event. Should the NZ Government require it, this event will ensure that all participants are fully vaccinated and be able to provide evidence of this through a vaccination certificate/passport as a condition of entry. I acknowledge that I have read and understand theses policies regarding COVID 19.

  • What is your COVID-19 Policy?

    Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run Series COVID Response

    Updated as of 3 November 2021.

    While we are constantly checking for the latest Government updates, we are of the understanding that we will be using the new Government Traffic Light System for the Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run Series.


    What if we are in green or amber in the event region over the event weekend?

    If the event crew can access the region, we are all systems go for local residents.


    What if I am travelling to the event, but there is border control in my region?

    If you are unable to make an event due to border control, you can transfer to any other event within the 2022 series.


    What if we are in Red Light in the event region over the event week?

    Unfortunately, the event cannot go ahead if we are in ‘Red Light’ status in the event region due to gathering restrictions. In this case, Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run Series would be postponed or cancelled for 2022. Postponement is our top priority. However, we understand that sometimes this isn’t possible due to many factors. The decision of postponement or cancellation will be based upon:

    • Ability to secure venue at a later date
    • Length of ‘red light’ status from Government
    • The ability for our event team to travel between regions
    • Time and date that we enter the red ‘red light’


    If the event is postponed:

    The new event date will be announced within 4 weeks of the postponed event. All entries will automatically be transferred to this new date. If you are unable to make the new event date, you can transfer to any other event within the series.


    If the event is cancelled:

    As you know, we have endeavoured to keep our entry price as low as possible. Due to working on such a tight budget, our current entry T&Cs don't allow for refunds. However, depending on the time of cancellation we will work hard to ensure we are able to give participants a partial refund. By assessing this exact refund amount closer to the cancellation of the event will allow us to review the money that has already been spent in planning the event, and what can be returned to participants.


    The landscape around us is constantly changing, but you are our top priority. Thank you for your support and we navigate this tough environment.


    Do I need to be vaccinated to take part in the Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run Series?

    As we will be in the new traffic light system by the time the series kicks off, we will be required by the government to have vaccination certificates. This will allow the event to go ahead at both ‘Orange Light’ and ‘Green Light’ status for those who are double vaccinated and have a vaccination certificate. We hope to get more information from the Government on this soon, in the meantime, we have updated our T&Cs of entry.


    Do spectators need to have a vaccination certificate?

    We are currently waiting on clarification from the government around what areas of large outdoor scale events need to be regulated by the event organizers. Once we have more information, we will give an update on this.


    Do staff, sponsors, volunteers and suppliers need to have a vaccination certificate?

    Yes, anyone who is working or participating will need to have a vaccine certificate.

  • Are there discounts if I enter more than one event?

    Yes there are!

    If you enter more than one event in the series, you will save $5 on each remaining event in the series.

    There is also the Trail Blazers VIP Club to reward you for entering multiple events - see next drop down box.

  • Are there any incentives for entering multiple events? Trail Blazers

    There is the VIP Trail Blazers Club to reward those who complete multiple events!

    Our entry system keeps track of all the events you have entered throughout the series, over each year.

    We love to reward our regulars, and after you complete your 10th event of the Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run Series, you will be officially added to the Trail Blazers VIP Club!

    • 10+ events
      • 1 free event entry
      • $5 off per event entry
      • Priority check-in at registration
      • Thank you goodie bag
      • A pair of Thorlos socks


    • 15+ events
      • 2 free event entries
      • $5 off per event entry
      • Priority check-in at registration
      • Thank you goodie bag
      • Special VIP branded event t-shirt


    • 25+ events
      • 3 free event entries
      • $5 off per event entry
      • Priority check-in at registration
      • VIP Parking
      • Thank you goodie bag
      • Special VIP branded event hoody


    • 35+ events
      • 4 free event entries
      • $5 off per event entry
      • Priority check-in at registration
      • VIP Parking
      • Thank you goodie bag
      • Special VIP branded event backpack


    • 50+ events
      • 5 free event entries
      • $5 off per event entry
      • Priority check-in at registration
      • VIP Parking
      • Thank you goodie bag
      • Permanent event bib number


  • Is there a course cut off time?

    There is no course cut off time unless it becomes a safety issue for participants. We have Tail End Charlie to ensure no one is left behind. There will also be plenty of marshalls throughout the course.  All participants will be given a phone number pre-event in case they require any assistance on the course. 

  • Where do I park?

    There is plenty of easy access parking at each venue. Event-specific information will be available pre-event in the Pre Event Participant Notes.

  • Is there a bag drop at the event?

    Unfortunately, there is no bag drop at these events. We are lucky enough that parking is close to the startline for most events so we recommend leaving extra gear in your car

  • Are there road closures?

    There are no road closures for any event. All normal road rules apply.

  • What do I wear?

    Please ensure you have suitable footwear and clothing for the nature of the event. Recommended clothing and equipment details are in the event participant notes emailed to you pre event.

  • Is there water and snacks on course?

    Yes! There are multiple pitstops on each course with water and delicious snacks but please remember that this event is cupless so you will need to bring your own reusable cup 🙂

  • Do I get a finishers medal?

    All finishers will receive a beautiful FSC certified wooden medal at the finish line - take your ribbon off and this is designed to be a coaster!

  • I can’t make the event anymore, can someone participate for me?

    Race entries are unfortunately not transferable to other people due to Health and Safety. We need to know who is on course in case of a medical emergency. If you are unable to make the event, we are more than happy to transfer your entry to another event in the series.

    Transfer requests must be made two weeks prior to the event you have entered.

  • Can kids take part?

    We love kids taking part in there events. Kids of any age can take part, but kids under 14 years old (18 in Queenstown) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Are there prizes?

    We have an awesome 'prize giving' at the start line of each event and a number of really awesome spot prizes given away. As this event is non-competitive there are no prizes for winning.

  • Can I wear headphones during the event?

    Due to health and safety, it is recommended that you do not wear headphones while taking part in this event

  • Can I change my distance?

    You can change your distance and entry anytime before entries close two days prior to the event or on race morning during the registration. You will be required to pay the price increase to upgrade your distance and there are no refunds to move down a distance.

  • Can I bring a pram or pushchair?

    This is dependent on each event and will be in the participant notes emailed to you pre event.

  • If I enter the run category, do I have to run the whole thing?

    No, you are welcome to walk at any stage. If you are planning on running / jogging at any point of the event, please enter the running category just so we know the numbers in each category.

  • Are the events timed?

    Yes, the events are timed but the results are not published onsite. If you are wanting to know your time, please check the website post event.

  • Do I need to check in before the race?

    You will need to check-in and collect your event bib when you arrive onsite before the event. The timing for each individual race will be sent in your race notes ahead of the event

  • Are dogs allowed?

    Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at these events